Master Program

The curriculum is planned and designed based on core competencies and the eliciting method is adopted as the main teaching principle. Students are provided with a comprehensive training program in the area of research design in evaluating the clinical efficacy, the knowledge of pathology, physiology and treatment of diseases in the aspect of Chinese and Western medicine and the treatment principle of Chinese and Western medicine drug.

Master program

The master program is a one-to-four-year course. Minimum credits required for graduation is 30 credits, including 9 credits from required courses, 15 credits from elective courses and 6 credits of master's thesis research. Regarding the elective credits, 13 credits must be offered by our institution and the other 2 credits should be selected from the courses equal to or higher than master level or from the course that is identified by the school. A master of medical science (M.M.S.) degree will be offered.

Chart of curriculum

<NOTE>For those who do not have the practice licenses of Chinese medicine, they must select a course with two credits from the TCM foundation courses of the School of Chinese medicine in their first semester (Recognized as credits for graduation).  

Regulations on Seminar

  • A student shall ask for leave in the seminar course no more than three times.
  • The first is the report on a selected article and the second on research progress. Please discuss the contents of the report with your adviser before making the report.
  • Submit the title of the report one week before the scheduled date of the report.
  • A written report of the seminar and submit it to the Institute Office after being signed by the adviser within one week after the end of the discussion course.

The graduation standards of English proficiency in the Master Program are as follows: