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Those who have met the following requirements can apply for a master degree examination

  • Having at least completed credits in Master Program, which are stipulated in the graduation credit recognition list of the year of admission.
  • Have attended international academic symposium.The student shall deliver an oral presentation, posting a poster, or act as a moderator. (Provide the attachment)

Degree Examinations of Master

width="30"Notes for Degree Examinations of Master

The documents of apply the oral defense

  1. Application for the Master Degree Examination​​​​​​​ --->Please upload the 「Academic Ethics Statement」&「Orginality Comparison of Research Paper」in CMU Student Information System and print out the「Application」hand in with other documents to office.<The step of apply the oral examination on the internet>
  2. Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Adviser
  3. Proposal of M.S. Thesis​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  1. Have attended an academic symposium. (Provide the attachment, ex: program book, schedule, abstract, picture…)
  2. Proof of teaching assistant training. (For students from abroad, such training can be exempted.)
  3. Certificate of IRB
  4. Similarity Report of thesis-->Look me
  5. CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement

Submit the proposal to oral defense committee members one week before the oral defense*

Format Description of Theses of the Graduate Institute of Integrated Medicine
Thesis upload system: Electronic These & Dissertations Service

(Postgraduate thesis upload key points description)


More information of the Graduate student can go to Office of Graduate Student Affiairs website.