Effect of the Chinese Herbal Medicine SS-1 on a Sjögren’s Syndrome-Like Disease in Mice

2021-08-01 研究亮點

Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease primarily affecting the exocrine glands; it has a major impact on patients’ lives. The Chinese herbal formula SS-1 is composed of Gan Lu...

Natural Anthraquinone Compound Emodin as a Novel Inhibitor of Aurora A Kinase: a pilot study

2021-07-30 研究亮點

Aurora kinase A (AURKA) carries out an essential role in proliferation and involves in cisplatin-resistance in various cancer cells. Overexpression of AURKA is associated with the poor prognosis of...

Discovery of Novel Protein Biomarkers in Urine for Diagnosis of Urothelial Cancer

2021-07-25 研究亮點

Urothelial carcinoma (UC) is the ninth most prevalent malignancy worldwide. Noninvasive and efficient biomarkers with high accuracy are imperative for the surveillance and diagnosis of UC. CKD ...


2021-06-22 一般公告

研究所畢業證書領取方式 https://news.cmu.edu.tw/ann_detail.php?sn=100452 因應國內COVID-19疫情變化,為降低人員流動感染風險,109學年度第2學期研究所(包含博士班、碩士班 及 碩士在職專班) 畢業證書由研究生事務處以「郵局雙掛號」方式寄發,相關離校及領取事宜,說明如下:


2021-06-15 一般公告

110學年度第一學期網路選課時段分配公告 https://acadev.cmu.edu.tw/?q=zh-hant/node/190一、開放課程查詢:2021/06/10(四)13:00   Course open for inquiry: 2021/06/10(Thu) 13:00 二、選課時間:Schedule of course selection: 1、舊生Non-transfer...


2021-06-01 一般公告

本校與新加坡國立大學雙邊國際人才培育,開辦全英文選修課程「中醫藥學」正式開課 https://www.cmu.edu.tw/news_detail.php?id=4862


2021-05-25 一般公告

因應疫情,博士生資格考核、研究生學位考試注意事項公告 https://news.cmu.edu.tw/ann_detail.php?sn=100191 研究所學生,即日起舉行資格考核、學位考試者,得採視訊方式辦理,惟需事先簽請系所主管核准(附件),考試過程錄影存查。其餘考試細節,則依本校「研究生學位考試實施細則」、「學則」等相關規定辦理。 若系所規定須進度報告者,亦得採視訊方式辦理。